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Since our inception in the year of 2000, we have grown significantly as one of the prestigious manufacturers and exporters of an assortment of industrial process equipment for use in dairy and food processing industries. Our range of equipment is developed using various efficacious technologies and best material such as stainless steel, mild steel and others. The dairy process equipment and other equipment available with us are highly acclaimed for their strong construction, compactness, vibration free operation and rust resistance.
Under the guidance of our owner Mr. Raju Baravkar, we have acquired proficiency in developing our range according to the specifications provided by our customers. We can customize our range on basis of capacity, power and others. For customized as well as standard production, we have a high-tech infrastructure.

We make use of latest technology available for our range, to leave no stone unturned in offering an immaculate range of food processing and dairy process equipment. To fabricate our plate heat exchangers, we use sealing technology and improved plate design technology in combination with each other.

In addition, Ice Bank Technology is the base of our bulk milk coolers. Riding high on these technologies, we have developed a wide range of industrial process equipment.
Product Catalogue
To fabricate our range of industrial process equipment, we use various quality tested material such as mild steel, stainless steel, angles, rods bars and many others. The range comprises of roller conveyor, bulk milk cooler, plate heat exchanger, pumps, mini dairy plant, butter churner, ghee boilers, dump tank, ventury, skid mounted process unit, tools for dump tank and milk tanker. These equipment are widely used in food processing and dairy industries, where they are appreciated for their following attributes :

Corrosion resistant
Sturdy construction
High performance
Energy efficient
Vibration free
Bulk Milk Cooler

Modern Design and Manufacturing Unit
We strive to achieve utmost customer satisfaction with the assistance of our modern design and manufacturing unit. The in-house design unit is well equipped with designing equipment and other facilities, to create latest and versatile designs for our process equipment, as per the customer’s specifications. The designs are converted into real industrial process equipment in our manufacturing unit, which is spread over an area of 2500 square feet, having the production capacity of 20 units that can be increased as per the received orders. The modern manufacturing unit include following machines to meet the production schedules :

TIG Welding machine
Argon and arc welding machines
Cutting machines
Drilling machines
Plate bending machines
Electronic motor
Sheet cutting machine
Sheet bending machine
Surface finishing machine
Surface grinding machine

Industrial Process Equipments

Apt Workforce
Our company leverages on its apt workforce that assist us in offering a comprehensive range of industrial process equipment for food processing and dairy industry. Our workforce comprises of different personnel who possess immense expertise in their domain. They are highly skilled to comprehend market requirements and are purposefully categorized into different teams, such as :

Quality control
Customer support
Sales and marketing

This tactical categorization enables us to concentrate on each process separately & thoroughly, analysing its advantages and areas that needed to be worked on. In addition, it also enables systematic execution of the production of our range, in standard as well as customized options, as per customers’ needs. To sharpen the skills of our personnel we provide them with regular training sessions
Quality Assurance
We strive to maintain our high quality standards along with implementing new measures to further enhance it. To ensure this, we follow a quality management system in our establishment, according to which we :
Check / inspect the procured raw material such as mild steel, stainless steel and others

Supervise every manufacturing stage
Check the produced process equipment to different factors

We possess a well-furnished laboratory in which we conduct following tests to ensure high and long life performance of our industrial process equipment :

Hardness test
Leak test
DP test and others

These tests ensure that our bulk milk cooler, plate heat exchanger, pumps, mini dairy plant and other products have unmatched quality, resulting in utmost level of customer satisfaction.
Customer Satisfaction
The high quality standards of our process equipment such as ghee boilers, dump tank, venturi mixer, skid mounted process unit, tools for dump tank, milk tanker and others, have enabled us to acquire highest level of satisfaction of our customers. They are based in domestic as well as overseas markets and belong to the industries of food processing and dairy. Our customers are some of the leading names in their sphere of operation. To sustain their satisfaction level and also to enhance it, we strive to implement new measures in our day-to-day activities. We also follow conventional yet beneficial measures such as offering customized solutions, to ensure that our clients get exactly what they want or expect.
Why Us?
We offer a broad spectrum of industrial process equipment including pumps, mini dairy plant, butter churner, ghee boilers, roller conveyor and many others. These equipment are developed from quality guaranteed material such as mild steel, stainless steel and others that are procured from reliable sources. The premium quality and high performance of our process equipment are highly appreciated in the food processing and dairy industries. These are some of the factors that give us a substantial boost over other competitors in the market. Few other factors include :

Corrosion resistance and vibration free equipment
Customized solutions
Well-equipped laboratory
Stringently checked process equipment
Effective packaging of equipment
Timely delivery in their original condition